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Clayton Taylor, MBA, is a Management Research Analyst, Pr. and Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt working in the Office of the Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer at Arizona State University. He currently consults with nine diverse Business and Finance operational areas to lower costs, improve operational efficiency and provide the highest quality customer experience to internal and external customers. Mr. Taylor can be reached at

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How do I improve customer service?

You recently discovered that your customers are not entirely pleased with the service that you provide, and you need to make improvements. This news may have come to you in the form of an angry customer email, feedback from a customer satisfaction survey, or your boss just told you to do “a better job” serving customers.

So, where do you start?

At some point, you have to define what that great customer service really looks like and make the necessary changes for that service level to become a reality

I can provide you with the right knowledge and tools to realize stellar service.

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